Pirate adventure game ” ATLAS ” new version will open 3 kinds of distinctive mode, open in April test is taken

Pirate adventure game ” ATLAS ” new version will open 3 kinds of distinctive mode, open in April test is taken

Pirate adventure game ” ATLAS ” new version will open 3 kinds of distinctive mode, open in April test takes time: 2019-03-25 11:12:47 origin: Official author: The government edits: Sleep t上海千花网交友

he sheep of lie-in
Abstract: Game of pirate adventure sandbox ” ATLAS ” in Steam platform already open experiences first already 4 months, game is in the peak value after will be being opened on December 22 is online nearly 60000 people, obtain Steam2018 person gas is the most new and high swim award. Develop business Grapeshot Games, instinct Games will be right ” ATLAS ” roll out interpose at ” the experience checks ” and ” 2 ” the large iteration 爱上海同城论坛

edition between version, code name ” ATLAS 1.5 ” . Be based on ” ATLAS ” the player feedback that experiences level first and game dev上海千花网龙凤论坛

elopment wish scene, develop group Grapeshot Games, instinct Games will be in ” ATLAS 1.5 ” in to PVP, PVE mode undertakes redesigning, rolled out new version test to take in April. Mode of Atlas 1.5 game ” ATLAS ” what the player loves is two kinds of disparate game dimensions and style. What a kind of player loves dimensions of 2-50 renown player is medium or small consortium mode, another kind more apt the large consortium battle of 200 people above. New version will not seek intermediate cost in the hobby of two kinds of players, be上海千花社区

cause this meeting weakens the experience of mode of two kinds of game. Accordingly, be in ” ATLAS 1.5 ” lieutenant general basis number of consortium upper limit, offer two kinds of mode at the same time, allow a player to choose his most the game mode that love. The regulation that double mode coexists is not invariable, if be necessary, the regulation of ATLAS will continue to optimize with iteration. Does ATLAS 1.5 use 3 kinds of distinctive game mode: ? Mode of VP of Lian Wu , medium or small PVP mode, PVE mode. New game element is large-scale PVP mode (ATLAS is Caesarean) the existing ATLAS system that this mode is equal basically to be familiar with at player place. On original game mode, u新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ndertake to feudal system a few canzonet fix the problem that encounters with solving a player. The system of claim for compensation of ATLAS empire special the feudal system that is similar to a tradition, but can increase the oldest growing rate and restrict without the number, suit to like the hard nucleus player of large-scale, high risk and tall redound. ” ATLAS ” won’t restrict big consortium and consortium to be opposite of member dimensions patulous, without declare war system and armistice time. Because large consortium has done not have the number upper limit of 200 people, in the world of the law of jungle, powerful consortium can be held whole or several servers, creat a real empire. Medium or small PVP mode (ATLAS is colonial) this mode can have more new mechanism and new regulation, use new feudal system. It will include pair of consortium and upper limit of allied set number, new declare war system and warlike time. Overweight of side of mode of this kind of game lives and develop, face small-sized with medium-sized consortium. The government encourages a player to throw naval battle and a land battle, they can atttack the enemy’s base already, also can capture from inside enemy hand domanial. Medium or small consortium, can the colony that do according to one’s abilities establishs him external. PVE mode (the environment with new ATLAS PVE) (deep-sea) , new giant biology, oriental 上海千花网交友

new setting, new carry (submarine) the new even instruments of torture that punishs deadly enemy person, these will appear in ATLAS 1.5PVE mode. Development group will take li of open new content to pay close attention to player feedback in the test, undertake to PVE version iteration is mixed optimize. Carry newly – submarine salvages gaff of treasure chest submarine is a kind of new-style underwater weapon ATLAS 1.5 checks a server in April open ” ATLAS ” coming game system will appear very big change, to roll out high quality and complete new version, “ATLAS 1.5 ” test server predicts to will be released in April, test time about 1 week. ” ATLAS ” new venture about specific test content, we plan brand-new to 3 kinds game mode to open server of a group of tests each, content of all new version will include in test server. The player that participates in a test meets those who encounter version be updated for many times, test server can undertake counting seizing clear file when need.

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