[what does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more] _ eats _ how to eat –

[what does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more] _ eats _ how to eat –

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Oral cavity ulcer is a kind of common disease among the life, got this kind of disease to want to be treated with medicine, want to notice dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food additionally, can eat a few Qing Dynasty to heat up the food of alexipharmic reduce internal heat, because of oral cavity ulcer and vitamin additionally lack is concerned, say to should eat a few food that contain a lot ofa vitamin more so, should drink water more at ordinary times, optimistic optimistic state of mind, especially weather is drierForum of Shanghai noble baby

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When, in take good care of sb the respect should notice more.

What does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more

What does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more

1. uses honey paint

Dip in with the chopstick ulcer of oral cavity of a Tu Yu is in honey, can get effective inside 2 hours. Had better be affected part of the Tu Yu before sleeping late, contain in the mouth, get up in the morning can reduce sorely a lot of. A day of number second, the effect is better.

2. mouth contains vitamin C piece

The mouth contains vitamin C piece, hold to a few days, can cure oral cavity ulcer, can hold concurrently at the same time treat chronic pharyngitis. Or take 1-3 vitamin C piece grind broken end, enclothe go up in cankerous face, can not remove to 10 minutes aching, do not go out a long time with respect to heal. Effect of method of this kind of treatment is more distinctShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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3. masticatory chewing gum

chewing gum mastication, arrive without sweet taste, reoccupy tongue coils stick achieve a face, very effective.

What does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more

Mouth of cough of 4. strong tea

The tea sheet in tea has convergent effect rather, can make heal of face of oral cavity ulcer. In the meantime, tea can have the effect of antiseptic diminish inflammation.

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Antrum ulcer eats what food

1. watermelon

Watermelon half, gouge watermelon flesh, crowded take juice, melon juice is contained in the mouth, about 2 ~ swallow after 3 minutes, contain watermelon juice again, relapse several times, the heal of ulcer of antrum of speak or sing alternately has very big effect.

2. peach

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Peach contains a lot ofa variety of vitamins such as vitamin B, and still can defer consenescence, it is the fruit of a kind of rare. Everybody wants to be less than peach also is one kind agrees with the good fruit of oral cavity ulcer, although be opposite,do not cross peachForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Have better effect at oral cavity ulcer, do not have friendly intercourse for angle of intestines and stomach, still go against eat more.

What does ulcer of easy oral cavity eat more

3. persimmon

Persimmon can prevent and cure effectively oral cavity ulcer. Persimmon has very big curative effect besides the cure of ulcer of antrum of speak or sing alternately, and the precaution to oral cavity ulcer also is to have certain effect.

4. apple

The apple is very the fruit of economy that contains a lot ofa vitamin, suit compensatory vitamin very much. Take an apple (pear is OK also) cut piece put to container inside, add cold water (the apple that should not boil too or pear) heat to boil, wait for the moment in be being contained in the mouth together with wine after its are a bit cool again edible, the effect will be better.

5. pear

Pear contains rich moisture content and vitamin B, often edible, especially the edible when oral cavity ulcer, have profit greatly to human body.

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